“Together-ness: States, Dynamics, Possibilities”
October 2018, İzmir, Turkey

We have defined “Together-ness: States, Dynamics, Possibilities” as the theme of the 6th Critical Psychology Symposium. The symposium will be held in İzmir, Turkey, in the October of 2018 (exact date TBA). This theme is chosen for various forms of transformations dominating the sociopolitical agenda across the globe and influencing the well-being of people. In this symposium, we aim to discuss sociopolitical “states” of people, dynamics of their relationships, and the action possibilities within the historical, political, and economic context of their relationships.

People coming-together or not-coming-together have different “states”. On the one hand, certain forms of togetherness help growing violence, oppression, discrimination, and authoritarian sentiments. On the other hand, people also get to together for egalitarian and libertarian ideals. While these different “states” are the results of complicated contradictions and dynamics, there is a meaningful potential for transformation, collaboration, and unification for a stronger resistance. The symposium aims to discuss these different “states” and potentials with respect to their sociopolitical dynamics and action potentials. 

The symposium will connect critically-oriented researchers, practitioners and students from various psy disciplines and interdisciplinary fields together. You can submit and edit your abstracts (1000-1500 words) in Turkish or English until March 1, 2018 using the online form. We encourage all the researchers and practitioners to join us and share their perspectives about the rapid transformations of our era, its social and psychological implications, as well as collaboration possibilities.

6th Critical Psychology Symposium

Organization Committee:
Baran Gürsel
Berk Yaşuk
Deniz Akyıl
Duygu Öz
Ebru Ergün
Ece Bişirir
Erdi Çoban
Gülistan Öz
Hojin Demirel
İclal İncioğlu
İlham Yılmaz
Lale Can
Müge Tüfekçi
Olga Selin Hünler
Selen Önal
Selim Cillov
Sercan Karlıdağ
Sertan Batur
Yudit Namer

Assessment Committee:
Aysel Kayaoğlu
Buket Kara
Can Önalan
Doğa Eroğlu
Ersin Aslıtürk
İlker Özyıldırım
Melek Göregenli
Olga Selin Hünler
Sertan Batur
Umut Şah
Yudit Namer
Zeynep Biter