VIIth Critical Psychology Symposium will be held on 23-24-25 October 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. The theme of the symposium will be “Liberation/Emancipation”.

Numerous vibrant concepts and reflections spring forth from the root and stem of the word “liberation” (in Turkish) including free, freedom, being and becoming free, to liberate, subjectivity, and autonomy. In multiple languages across the globe, “liberation” is a strong concept signifying human capacity for autonomous action and liberty as a historical process. “Liberation” is an ethical ideal, a meaningful goal, sometimes a rare possibility or an actual reality. 

There are multiple ongoing struggles around the world and a large portion of the world’s population is continually exposed to multiple forms of oppression: physical violence, economic poverty, labour exploitation, racial and gender discrimination, injustice, media censorship, cultural assimilation, proxy wars and colonization. Those who hold the economic and political power fiercely use their institutions such as schools, hospitals, prisons, workplaces and academia, in order to keep their hegemonic ideologies going.

As the world at large is shaken by the civil and social rights movements, psychology has been failing to address the issue of liberation. Psychology as a discipline does not regard human beings as subjects positioned within their historical and social context. This perspective is also vital since psychology disregards various restricting and subordinating forces as well as different resilience and resistance tendencies in humans’ lives. As such, it fails to interpret how these processes transform and take part in humans’ subjectivities, selves, emotions that results in incapacity of psychology to be part of any subverting attempts.  We hope this symposium will provide an opportunity to ask questions and spark discussions about a critical psychological perspective on liberation.

Moving on from our previous theme on the VIth Symposium, “Together-ness”, we invite all interested guests to discuss liberation together in order to mobilize for a freer world. 

The symposium aims at bringing together critically oriented researchers, practitioners, students, and those wishing to produce and share different ideas in psychology and other disciplines, it welcomes additional “critical studies” on the critique of psychological knowledge and practice, social critique and other contemporary issues.  Applications via abstracts are open to participants from different geographies. 

Participants are expected to submit their abstracts of 500-1000 words until April 1, 2020 (format here.) to email address. You may follow the upcoming news regarding the event on 

Abstracts will be assessed / evaluated by Evaluating and Supporting Board, due to the responsibility of providing a ground for critical psychology according to the criteria listed below:
  • Does it have a discriminative approach?
  • What is its position about critics of psychology based on theory-methodology- practice?
  • What is its position about power relations?

When necessary, feedback will be provided for the submitted abstracts. Hence, alongside academics, we particularly encourage the participation of students and practitioners in psychology and other fields.  

VIIth Critical Psychology Symposium Organizing Board

Aslı Aydemir
Ayçe Feride Yılmaz
Aydın Bayad
Can Önalan
Ebru Ergün
Ece Bişirir
Ersin Aslıtürk
Hatice Göz
Olga Selin Hünler
Özgür D. Yurtsever
Sertan Batur
Zeynep Biter

VIIth Critical Psychology Symposium Evaluating and Supporting Board

Aysel Gürel
Baran Gürsel 
Büşra Alparslan
 Demet İslambay
 Doğa Eroğlu
 Düzgün Uğur
 İdil Atabinen
 İlker Özyıldırım
 Umut Şah
Yudit Namer