Update for the Paper Submission Deadline to the VII. Critical Psychology Symposium

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic has globally emerged, we postponed the deadline for paper submission to May 1, 2020, for the VII Critical Psychology Symposium with the main theme of "Liberation" that planned to organize on the 23-24-25 October 2020. Currently, we are closely following the developments related to the pandemic and consider various options, including running the symposium through online platforms or postponing it to a later date. For now, we have decided to postpone only the deadline for the paper submission to be able to gain more time for the participants. We will reach a decision based on new developments on the most appropriate method and date for the symposium, participants, as well as organizers to be affected by this process as little as possible. And we will communicate with you again in the upcoming days.

Participants, who want to present oral or poster presentations at the VII. Critical Psychology Symposium that focuses on the debate on liberation and its ideals, possibilities and realities, are expected to submit their abstracts of 500-1000 words until May 1, 2020 (format here.) to elestirelpsikolojisempozyum@gmail.com. If you want to send multiple papers, you can make a new application for each paper. You may follow the upcoming news regarding the event on http://elestirelpsikolojisempozyumu.todap.org. Keeping with the responsibility to ensure a ground for critical perspectives, the incoming abstracts will be assessed by the Evaluating and Supporting Boards based on the criteria below:
  • Does the abstract include any discriminatory elements (e.g. does it preserve the masculine/heteronormative/militarist status quo?)
  • What is the abstract’s position within critical psychology in terms of theory-method-practice?
  • What is the abstract’s position in terms of power relations?
When necessary, feedback will be provided for the submitted abstracts. Hence, alongside academics, we particularly encourage the participation of students and practitioners in psychology and other fields.

Organizing Board 
Aslı Aydemir
Ayçe Feride Yılmaz
Aydın Bayad
Can Önalan
Ebru Ergün
Ece Bişirir
Ersin Aslıtürk
Hatice Göz
Olga Selin Hünler
Özgür D. Yurtsever
Sertan Batur
Zeynep Biter

Evaluating and Supporting Board
Aysel Gürel
Baran Gürsel
Büşra Alparslan
Demet İslambay
Doğa Eroğlu
Düzgün Uğur
İdil Atabinen
İlker Özyıldırım
Umut Şah
Yudit Namer